The VanDenDriessche Family- 2017

The VanDenDriessche Family- 2017

We are located in Northwest Oklahoma where we raise cattle, horses and Weimaraners.  I often get asked what "Rafter 5" means.  Rafter V (the letter, not the number) is our ranch brand.  The V is from our last name, VanDenDriessche. 

We have four daughters who are as different in personality and interests as they can be but they all share a love for sports and dogs.  Our dogs are as different as our girls and each has their own personality and unique traits.  So, whether you are looking for a pet, show quality dog, future breeder or hunting dog let us know and we would love the opportunity to show you our dogs. 

I talk about the girls a lot.  Sophie is the oldest and the least involved with the kennel.  She is my cowgirl and would rather be horseback, working cattle or working with the cow dogs.  She has a barn full of horses that she tends to so she gets out of kennel chores.  Neely and Ruby are both involved in every aspect of the kennel and they can run the show if I'm gone.  They know each dog and their personality, our breeding plans, feeding schedule, health, genetics, etc.  They enjoy working with the younger dogs getting them started on the leash and basic manners and obedience as well as taking care of the puppies.  Gator (Allie) is the youngest and her job is to not get in trouble.  She tends to follow Sophie to the horse barn and hang out on the monkey bars during chore time.  Dottie is her dog so Allie helps take care of her.  

We are members of the Weimaraner Club of America (WCA), the Blue Weimaraner Club of America (BWCOA), North American Versatile Hunting Dog Association (NAVHDA) and International All Breed Canine Association (IABCA).  We hip test our dogs as well as DNA.  

Our program is based on breeding a good minded, structurally sound and correct, versatile hunting dog that can come in at night and sleep at the foot of the bed.  We pay close attention to temperament when choosing dogs to keep in our breeding program.