(This is our old kennel. We will update pics from our new place soon…)

Our kennel is a 30x40 steel framed barn with heated concrete floors and includes a full bathroom with a washer and dryer and refrigerator.  We have 2 designated whelping pens and 6 indoor/outdoor runs with elevated beds for our adults.  Our dogs are not in the kennel full time.  We have two 50x80 grass turnout yards attached to the kennel and the dogs are allowed to run loose when we are outside working.  All of our dogs are house and crate trained so they get to spend plenty of time inside with the family as well.  We have crates and dog couches in the office so they spend part of the day inside with me while I’m making phone calls and working on the computer.  We also utilize a GPS collar system that allows our dogs free run on about 100 acres.  We don't use the collars every day but it is a way for our dogs to hunt and roam on their own when the girls and I don't have time to take them running.  We have access to our neighboring ranches and miles of gyp hills to hunt and explore.