Thank you for visiting with us in your search for a Weimaraner.  We are here to help answer any questions you may have and help you get started off on the right track.  We encourage you to utilize our Facebook group as a resource for learning training tips and asking questions.  Our members are quick to respond and sometimes they have ideas that have worked for their unique household or set up.  If you are not already members please join- Rafter V Weimaraner Owners on Facebook.   

The internet is full of “How To” videos and websites devoted to training.  I also highly encourage you to purchase the book, Weimaraner Ways, by Virginia Alexander.  It can be found at  Mention you are a Rafter V owner for a discount. The Weimaraner Club of America is another great online resource for breed specific information related to training and health.  

Getting Off To The Right Start-

Before the puppy comes home it is important to decide what the ground rules will be.  Will they be allowed on the couch and bed? Make a list of commands and make sure everyone uses the same commands such as: Sit, Stay, Down, Ack! (I use this for NO).  It is important that everyone in the family uses the same commands and that all the humans are pack leaders. 

Find a vet that is up to date on new vaccine protocols and later spay/neuter times.  Does your vet like and respect the breed and are they willing to listen to you about breed specific research you do?   

Puppy proof your house much like you do for a toddler.  Houseplants, electric cords, and off limit children’s toys should be protected.   

A puppy first aid kit is a good idea and should include your vet’s phone number, poison control and emergency numbers.  I keep bandages, tweezers, antibacterial wash, non-stick vet wrap, eye wash, iodine, Benadryl and a muzzle.  

Crate training is very important even if you don’t plan to crate your dog.  Crates can be used as a training tool and also provide a den-like sleeping area that is safe and comfortable for your puppy to unwind and relax.   


·         “Well Puppy” vet visit scheduled 2-3 days after getting your puppy

·         Small collar

·         Lightweight leash

·         Crate

·         Exercise Pen

·         Chew Toys- Bones, stuffed animals, ropes, kong

·         Treats

·         Nail clippers

·         Blanket or Big Toy for comfort

·         First Aid Kit

·         Food- We feed Native Performance but recommend the following. Puppies should be on puppy food for at least one year!

o   Diamond Naturals Lg Breed Puppy

o   Fromm

o   Victor 


It is never too early to start training your new puppy.  Each interaction should be a positive experience and a time to learn.  Again, I recommend Weimaraner Ways, as a tool in early foundation training! These are some of the training chapters. 

Chapter 8- Weimaraner Kindergarten

Ch. 9- Life with Weimaraners

Ch. 10- Best of Health

Ch. 16- The Obedient Weimaraner

Ch. 26- Ages and Stages

Don’t hesitate to call with any questions you have.